Email Hasher Tool Guide:

  1. Use this tool to securely generate SHA256 hashes which you can then send to us
  2. Paste a list of e-mail addresses in the "Emails" window below and click ‘Hash Emails’ button
  3. Make sure that email addresses follow this format:
  4. Separate email addresses with a line break i.e. each e-mail address should be on its own line
  5. If your email list is too large (i.e. 100k+) you may encounter an error; consider splitting your email list into smaller sizes (~50k range)
  6. After hashing your email list, please copy the list from "Hashed Emails" window to a notepad or excel document and send it to Threepipe
  7. Close your browser after all hashing operations are complete

All email conversions are performed in your browser cache (Javascript) so please leave this open during the process. NOTE: It will take up to a minute to process 50,000 emails.

What is Hashing/SHA256 and why is it used?

  1. Hashing encrypts your customer email list using the industry standard SHA256 algorithm (
  2. This is an irreversible process, so once encrypted, it will keep your data confidential and secure
  3. Each email address produces a unique hash string (like a fingerprint)
  4. When you send out this list of hash strings, you can match it against external sites such as Facebook’s hash databases
  5. This allows you to create custom audiences, allowing you to target your customer list on those sites (if there is a match)
  6. Using this approach, the parties involved share no actual information (email addresses, customer information etc.), and since the hashes can’t be converted back to email addresses, the hashes are useless for any other purpose than matching
  7. You can find more information here and how sites such as Google & Facebook uses them (used for the same thing: Customer matching) Google: Facebook:

How will Threepipe use this information?

The information provided to the hasher tool is not immediately available to Threepipe as it is not transfered from your browser to any Threepipe server. If you would like to use hashed data on your advertising campaign with Threepipe please speak with your account representative to find out the best way of activating this within your media plan.

If you have any questions or concerns please get in touch with us. Use of this website is governed by the Terms and Conditions found here and the Privacy Policy found here